Centaur Healing

Monthly attunements

Jenny Kellogg and David Leskowitz offer monthly energetic attunements to the Centaurs – including Pholus, Chariklo, Chiron, & Okyrhoe.

Sharing odes and invocations, each session offers guided visualizations that enable you to experience this unique form of energy healing in a relaxed and safe setting.

Attunements alternate between the 4 levels and are offered on the second Thursday of the month at 3:30PM Eastern via Zoom. See the schedule below and sign up using the buttons to the right.

You may contact us at seek@centaurhealing.earth with any questions.

2024 Schedule

Level 1: Introduction: Centaur Gateway - By Donation - January, May & September

Level 2: Healing Attunement - Familiarizes you with the Centaurs’ healing flow, and provides deeper methods of activating these energies. February, June & October

Level 3: Healers Attunement - Prepares us to channel healing energy through our bodies. March, July, & November

Level 4: Full Centaur Attunement- Includes attunement to Pholus, Chariklo, Chiron, & Okyrhoe PLUS additional attunements to Asbolus, Cyllarus, Hylonome, Nessus, & Thereus. April, August, & December

Monthly Member Circle- Every 4th Thursday - A small group setting to discuss centaur astrology and to receive private attunements and live channeling.

We recommend that each level is attended before the next one is taken. We ask for payment of $25 only for your first Level 2, 3, & 4, and then you are welcome to attend any subsequent sessions for free.